How To Write Letter To Banker For Waive The Interest Charges?


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If you want to write a letter to your bank asking them to waive their right to charge interest, then you will need to be very clear in outlining the reasons for such a request. Generally speaking a bank will not be particularly inclined to grant a request to waive payments. Therefore you will need to make a compelling case to justify why you think that you deserve to be granted respite from the payments you are required to make.

Your letter should include the following details:

• What charges you would like to be waived and the period of time you would like them to be waived (or postponed) for
• The reasons that you are unable to make this payments at the moment or would find it difficult to do so
• Why you are a particularly valued customer to the bank and why it is in the interests of the bank in the long term to grant your request

The letter may go something like this:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have had an account with this bank for ____ years and have always proved myself to be a reliable individual who has kept up with their payments. However at this moment in time I find myself in a situation where I would like to request that you waive interest charges on my account for a period of ______.
The reasons that I make this request are ______
I believe that it is in the interests of your bank to grant this request as it will provide me a strong financial footing that will enable me to keep up with payments on a consistent basis in the long-term.
Yours sincerely,
John Smith

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