How To Write Request Letter To Waive Off The Charges?


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  • How to do it

To write this kind of letter you must first begin by considering your audience, the person who you hope will read it. As you are writing to request something from them, you must ensure that you keep your message polite and formal; you may not be happy with the reason you are being charged by them, but at this stage you need to remember that you are asking the what they could consider to be a favor, and so you should treat it as such for the time being, as they are more likely to wish to help you.

However, this being said, you do not wish to beg; you obviously feel that this charge is not on that you are due, and you do not wish to give the appearance that you feel it is. Also, by doing this, you make it easier for the corporation to say no to you, which is obviously not a positive result.

Keep the letter brief and to the point. It may be tempting to rant about your situation, but all this will do is frustrate the reader, making them less inclined to wish to see your point of view. You should also keep from writing anything that may offend them, even if you feel insulted yourself, as this will have the same affect.

  • How should you format the letter?

The layout of the letter is also highly important; your address and contact details should be displayed clearly at the top left of the page, with theirs, slightly lower, on the top right. If you know the name of the person that you are addressing then use this, remembering to finish with Yours sincerely. If this is not the case, then call them Sir / Madam, finishing your request with Yours faithfully.

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