How To Write Letter To Request Credit Card?


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  • If payment is more than a month late, encourage the customer to contact you to discuss the lapse in payment.
  • If a payment is more than 60 days overdue and the customer has
    shown no move toward making the payment or discussing why he or she has
    not made payment, let him or her know exactly what the penalty will be
    unless he or she responds immediately with the payment. Don't make an
    empty threat, however. You must be prepared to follow through.
  • Be clear and include enough information to clearly convey your request or offer to your client or potential customer.
  • Tailor your letter to your audience
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Red Clause Letter of CreditThis letter is written according to our costumer’s request, Sime Industries, of which First Class Bank provides the necessary financial support, and now establishes a Red Clause letter of credit to the favor of Sime Industries for an amount of USD$20,000.With this letter, you are authorized to draw out the said amount from First Class Bank in a written payment demand, with the necessary detailed expenses to activate the transaction smoothly.The drawing of funds can only be performed at First Class Bank, Los Angeles before the stated expiry date in this Letter of Credit; that is December 10, 2010.We will honor your requirements if you comply with all the related terms and conditions as per our agreement.Authorized Signature
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