How To Write A Letter To Activation Of Account?


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To write any sort of professional letter, you should start by gathering all information you will need for the letter itself including addresses, names and account number/numbers.  You don’t have to be formal, but it is expected that you format the information in some generally readable way.  If you are hand writing the letter, it is better for readability to use block writing instead of cursive because it is easier to read. 

The best place to start might be with addressing the letter to an individual or an institution.  With Banks, it may be the account or branch manager. 

You will do best to then state clearly and concisely what it is that you require of them.  If you would like to open an account, you could simply state, "I would like you to please open a checking account for me using the enclosed funds as a beginning deposit.” 

As long as you are an existing customer, there will be little required information after that.  If, however, you are not a current customer at the bank you are addressing, there is the possibility that they turn you down.  There are many reasons banks will turn customers away, and credit is at the top of that list.  Providing any supporting documentation ahead of time will speed up the process and cut down on confusion. 

Be sure to send funds, certified check or money orders are generally accepted, needed to complete the transaction requested.  Close your letter out with a salutation and sign it.  Now you will need to seal it all up in an envelope and mail it.  Addressing and stamping envelopes prior to inserting letters or other documents make it easier. 

With all of this together you are ready to go ahead and mail it to them.
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