How To Write A Letter To Bank Manager To Reopen My Account?


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This will really depend why the account was closed in the first place and whether it has been completely shut down. In theory if an account closure has been finalised and has been closed for some time; most banks will request that you start from scratch and open a new account. This is basically because they will need to ensure that all details are current and up-to-date for security purposes.  If, on the other hand, it is just a case of re-activating an account which has recently been disabled, then I would use the below layout for a letter;

- Begin the letter with your address, telephone number and date. You will also need to write on the account number of the account which you wish to reactivate
- Dear ... (it is always best to use the name of the bank manager or whoever you have been asked to contact, if not sir/ madam will suffice)
- I am writing to request that the above bank account is reopened.
- In the sentence to follow this you will need to include some background or explanation. For example; I closed this account last month as I was planning a move abroad, however, this fell through and I write to request whether it is possible to re-open it
- Close the letter with a polite sentence such as 'I thank you for your help with this matter and if you require any more details please don't hesitate to get in touch'
- Finally sign at the bottom with yours sincerely or yours faithfully.-
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Give me letter to the Bank manager Canara bank Canara, Hyderabad I am not operate after 1 year ago
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Your name followed by address
Bank Manager followed by the Bank's address
Salutation for the Manager,

          (Body of the letter)

Thanking You.
Yours Obediently,
(Your signature followed by your name)

Note:Body of the letter should contain why did your account get closed, why do you want it to reopen?..
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I'm open the bank account for 1996 in Union Bank of India I lost by pass book in rein season I want a bank statement my account.
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last one year back i went to the bank  now they asking write letter to the bank manger what is the format to reactive my account

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ref account number______

i have the above mentioned account with your branch. I could not operate the said account for quite some time as I was out of station.
As I have come back, and want to use and operate this account , please reactivate the same and oblige,
Yours sincerely,

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