How Do I Write A Letter To Activate Bank Account?


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If you feel your bank account has become inactive due to a lack of use or because of suspicious activity, it may well be worth contacting your bank to see if you can activate it once again. It is very rare that bank accounts are frozen, especially if this is purely due to no funds being deposited into the account. The most common cause is activities which may lead the bank to believe that the account is being used for illegal purposes.
Should this occur, you will need to give the bank notice that you wish to re-activate the account. Most banks will be able to assist you over the phone, call their customer help line number and see if you can discuss the matter with a representative. You may be asked a series of security questions to ensure it is your account you are calling about. Some banks, however, will require an official letter from you to confirm that the account is to be activated once again.
This can be done using a simple format. Make sure you put your address at the top left of the letter and the date. Simply state that you now wish the account to be active once again and include the account name and number. Make sure you name and sign the letter at the bottom of the page to make it official. It may be easier still to go into your local branch and talk to a member of staff in person to save time.
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To Whome It May Concern:

Re: Reactivation of  My Bank Account 97647

I Kim Mill would like to request for the above account to be activated.
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You will have to go the bank to sign forms.

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