Pls tell us how to write a letter to bank for deducted commission charges for my account?


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Reclaiming bank charges has been a hot topic in the news of late, with wily bank customers reclaiming thousands of pounds/dollars back from unfair commission and overdraft charges.

Unfortunately since a law change in 2009, claiming your charges back is not as easy as it once was. Previously you only had to write a letter to your bank threatening legal action, and most of the time they would reimburse you with a goodwill cheque, as well as any lost interest.

However don't be alarmed there are still a number of steps you can take to get your charges back.

  • What should I do?
First of all speak to your bank, as an institution banks are there to look after your money, and despite what many may think they do not want to charge you. Either by phone or in branch speak to a customer advisor about your concerns.

Banks will offer you a 'customer review' to see if there is a way of reducing any future potential charges. If the charge was a one-off or an honest mistake, you will also find that many banks are willing to stop or reverse the charge.

  • Writing a letter to your bank
A number of websites now offer letter templates, which individuals can modify with their own details and send to a bank requesting charges back.

These are very straight forward, as you only need to put your name, address, bank account number and sort code, and delete the appropriate statements to suit your needs.

Templates and more detailed information on writing letters to claim your charges back, can be accessed at and

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