How Do I Write A Letter To Bank Informing Them Of A Transaction On My Credit Card?


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SampleCredit Card Letters Request on credit repairI am writing with deep concern over the inaccuracies that I have found in credit statement for this month. It has come to my attention that there was a charge of $400 paid on a purchase from West Indies on January 2, 2010.I can verify that I did not perform the transaction as I was at another place making another transaction. Attached is my purchase receipt for your perusal. From the attached evidence, it would be impossible for me to conduct 2 transactions at different locations that are quite far away from one another.I would like to request then, a quick reversal of the invalid charge of $400 according to the “1996 Fair Credit Reporting Act”. Please inform me of the update on my credit standing when the reversal is performed.Thank you.Yours sincerely,

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