Why Was Macbeth Banned?


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There are various hypotheses about the ban on the performance of Macbeth. One of the reasons given by historians is that this play includes a lot fight scenes, which could result in a series of accidents. It is also mentioned in a few acknowledged histories that prop daggers were mistakenly swapped with real daggers, resulting in death of an actor.
Similarly, King James, for whom the play was staged, did not like the incantation of three witches in Act IV, Sc. I. Hence, the play was banned for five years.
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Macbeth is one of the classical plays by William Shakespeare. It was composed between 1603 -1606 and was first printed in the year 1623. For over centuries this play has been adopted by theatres, Plays, movies etc. But has never been banned in any country or by anyone. For reference see the link below:

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