Why Was The "Outsiders" Banned?


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One of the reasons as to why The Outsiders was banned was because of the use of slang language throughout the novel.  The words are used primarily to exemplify the difference between the Greasers and the rest  of their society. It was as if they developed their own language, that all of the Greasers were fluent in.

The following are slang words that are used frequently by the Greasers throughout the novel:

·   Booze- any type of alcohol (beer)
·   Cooler- Jail
·   Cancer Stick- Cigarette
·   Weed- Marijuana
·   Hacked Off- Angry/ Upset
·   Heater- Pistol
·   Fly- Attractive, Cute
·   Fuzz- Police
·   Jumped- Attacked
·   Lift- To Take, To Steal
·   Lighting Up- Lighting a Cigarette
·   Lone It- To Leave Something, or Someone, Alone
·   Rank- Abnormal, Unusual, A Gross Stench
·   Rolled- To Rob
·   Rumble- A Deadly Fight Between Gangs
·   Scrap- To Fight
·   Tuff- Cool, With It
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"Outsiders" a novel published in 1967 was ranked 43rd amongst the top 100 banned books by the American Library Association. The book featured virtual characters of broken families and it talked about drug and alcohol abuse, violence and used offensive language, the primary reasons for it being banned.

The novel written by S.E Hinton talks about Ponyboy Michael Curtis, a fourteen year old boy's harrowing experience after he is orphaned. The novel features around two rival groups which are the Greasers and the Socs who are separated by the socio economic status.

This novel has also won a few awards like the New York Herald Tribune Best Teenage Books List in 1967, ALA Best Young Adult Books in 1975, Media and Methods Maxi Award in 1975 and Massachusetts Children's Book Award in 1979.

In 1983, a film made by Francis Ford Coppola was based on this novel. The film was re-released in the September 2005 by Francis Ford Coppola entitled "The Outsiders: The Complete Novel" and the new version had much closer references to the book. The author S.E Hinton played the role of a nurse in the film.
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It was banned because of offensive language and violence but it is a really good book :)
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The book was banned.
But idky.

Try lookiing at  another site.
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The book was banned I am doing a project over banned books and I wish people would realize gay does not have a negitive connotation
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It was never banned. There was a rumor that it was but it never happened.

And the movie was re released in November 2003.
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Guest (If it was banned then why is my class reading it and next week were going to watch
the movie?), it was banned before and now its back in the shops. (use your brain)
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If it was banned then why is my class reading it and next week were going to watch the movie?

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