Narrate The Poem "The Rebel" By D.J. Enright Critically.


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In this simple but humorous and satirical poem, D.J. Enright has drawn the picture of a rebel. The poem shows poet's knowledge of human nature and attitude of rebels. They always act against popular opinion and common behaviour. Their actions are motivated by a strong urge to look different from others. Egotistic behaviour is usually rooted in a scene of inferiority or insecurity. In this poem the poet has exposed the behaviour and attitude of young persons in an ironic manner.

The poet says that when common persons have short hair, the rebel has long hair. If common people have long hair, the rebel likes to have short hair. When all talk in the class room, he keeps quite and when others keep quiet, he causes disturbance. When every body else is dressed in uniform, the rebel puts on fantastic clothes. When others wear beautiful dress, he puts on uniform. The poet further says that a rebel always expresses different from others.

He loves dogs when others love cats and when others are lover of dogs, he shows his affection for cats. He wishes for rain when every body likes sun and when every body likes to have rain, he longs for sunshine. The poet says that rebels have their own value in society. They provide a spice of variety in our dull and monotonous life.
This poem is an interesting and harmless criticism on the behaviour of young rebellious persons. The ambitions and whims of youth have been beautifully expressed in the simple and undecorated languages of this poem. The poet successfully persuades us to develop tolerant for rebels and put up with their odd behaviour.
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Due to rebels we have variety in the socity and rebels are not blindly followers of others.

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