Narrate The Poem "The Feed".


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In this beautiful poem the poet has depicted universal motherly love for the young ones. A sparrow has been shown holding a grain of millet in her beak for feeding the newly born young ones. The children are extremely hungry and they know nothing except eating. They raise their one and only one demand in loud voice again and again. When the sparrow comes to the nest with one grain of millet in her beak, the problem arises who should be fed first with it.

The poet says that the young are so small that they cannot understand that one grain is to be shared by all of them. Their behaviour is simple but natural. The scene depicted by the poet is quite interesting. Human beings have nothing to feel proud. Every mother in the realm of nature performs the duty of feeding its young ones. The ways of birds and animals are natural but the methods adopted by so called modern mothers are artificial.

The poet has presented a routine function of feeding the young ones in the animal world. The scene of a mother sparrow feeding her young ones is a bewitching one. Love of a mother is universal.

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