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All Nations Seen After the Flood (or the origin of nations as seen in Genesis 10-11)

All Nations Seen After the Flood
(or the origin of nations as seen in Genesis 10-11)
by Dwayne Rankin

After the flood, we now do see
How all nations came to be,
From Japheth, Ham, and Shem, as well.
All upon the earth to dwell.
From these sons of Noah, shown,
All the nations came to be known.

The eldest, Japheth, who did dwell,
Enlarged, his tents did there in swell.
Throughout Europe and Asia too,
All though the earth, these people flew.
On Isles close and by the coast.
Those traders did their exploits boast
Tarshish yes, and Javan found,
Those Tarsus traders , with Greeks, renowned.
Gomer those Northern Germanic bands
Through Europe all ; in Asia stands.
Russia there with those up North,
Those sons of Japheth, there went forth.

Out of Ham, then there did come,
Cush, and Phut and Mizraim.
Down in Africa there were found
Mizraim there to Egypt bound.
Some were seen in Arabia,
Sheba, and Dedan, with Havilah.
Here it was that Gold was seen,
with precious stones fit for a Queen.
Canaan's sons in the promised land,
Where Abram's seed would one day stand.
The Philistines of Mizraim's get,
In that land, as well , there set.

As “before the LORD”, they said aloud,
In Shinar was a hunter found.
From Cush is said this one did come,
And built some cities there for some.
Nineveh, Ereck and Babel laid
With many more there Nimrod made.

Now unto Shem, the younger son,
First, Asshur there as the Assyrian
With Elam seen as the Persians known.
With Aram then as Syria shown,
Lud, seen as the Lydians fair,
Arphaxad near with the Assyrians there

From these sons of Shem there grew,
One to whom The God there knew.
For out of Arphaxad would one be born,
One who would to God be sworn.
Abraham who was chosen there,
By God, His promises ,He did share.
Through Isaac as the promised son,
Then Jacob there, his inheritance won.
On down through the line to see.
The Christ our Savour who died for thee.

All these are where the nations came,
The nations of today the same.
All are found recorded here,
In God's Word recorded clear.
The nations there from Noah's day,
Divided there as seen this way.
From the flood through three sons were shown
All nations there by them alone.

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