How To Write Letter To Bank Manager For Issuing Bank Loan?


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While writing a letter to the bank manager for issuing a bank loan, one has to be polite and courteous. One also needs to mention the following points in the letter as they are necessary.

Always start the letter in a considerate manner by citing the name of the person to whom the letter is being written.

In the first paragraph of the letter always try to praise the bank to which the letter is being written, since this portrays an affable impression on the manager as he will think that his bank is being praised and respected.

In addition to the commendations, the reason behind the need of the loan should also be mentioned in the first paragraph.

One should mention for what purpose they want to borrow money from the bank. The purpose of loan could be any, like a study loan, corporate loan, domestic loan, etc.

In the second paragraph, the problem should be stated by giving all the necessary details.  For example, in case of a study loan, one can describe the financial issues he/she is facing, which are not letting him/her complete the studies.

Moreover, if the bank to which the letter is being written is the same bank in which they own a bank account, then this fact could also be mentioned in the letter. One can mention to the bank their good credit history and the bonding they have developed with the bank since they opened the bank account.

In the third paragraph, one should politely request the bank manager to consider the request and provide the loan.

If the writer needs the loan urgently, he/she could also request for an urgent sanction of the loan.

It is also advisable to provide some personal information and phone number in the end to show that the loan is really needed, and the asker has no plans to betray the bank authorities in anyway.

Lastly, always ends the letter’s body in a thankful manner by showing gratitude to the manager in advance and then stating the applier’s name and account number in the end.

Thus, if these guide lines are followed, one can surely impress the manager and get the loan too. Some samples of the bank loan letters can be found on this link.

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