How Many Books Will There Be In The House Of Night Series?


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Well at the end of awakened Zoey does find herself & her & stark are together & he's her warrior. Nyx forgives Raphiam & grants him human form during the night & raven at sunset for him & Stevie Rae to be together!!  & if you truly read it you would know zoeys mom gets killed by neferate for a sacrifice to the white bull. Which she has now turned herself over to. The sacrifice was for a vessel for neferate to have evil do her bidding & be her slave. (Which by the way is heaths soul)  I just finished reading book #9 "destined" & might I say it is awesome!!  you are going to be so awe struck..seriously!!   Oh & there only 12 novels & 3 mini books said of so far!!
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They have a contract for 12 books but they don't know how many books there will be. The next book is called Awakened not Stolen.
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I really hate when ppl don't no what is going on and think they are right bout what happens. Zoey did not die in tempted. Heath got killed by kalona and her soul was shattered. If she didn't get back to her body in 7 days then she would die. And stark went to the otherworld to help zoey get the missing pieces of her soul back together so she can get back to her body. If you don't kno what happened then don't say anything at all. Get the facts straight and actually read the book before you think you can tell ppl what happened. And the eighth book is not stolen. It's awakened.
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Theres goon be 15...
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Well heath dies. She dumps eric and I don't know what happens with stark... But I do think that zoey and stark should go out...
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Wikipedia says there will be 15.
    * Marked, 1st Book
    * Betrayed , 2nd Book
    * Chosen, 3rd Book
    * Untamed, 4th Book
    * Hunted, 5th Book
    * Tempted, 6th Book
    * Burned, 7th Book (April 27, 2010)
    * Stolen, 8th Book
    * Burdened, 9th Book
    * Touched, 10th Book
    * Cloaked, 11th Book
    * Wanted, 12th Book
    * Dreaded, 13th Book
    * Changed, 14th book
    * Saved, 15th Book
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I just finished Burned, and if I may say so myself; it was fantastic! No, Zoey did not die at the end of Tempted. Her soul shattered, meaning, her soul is n Nyx's realm in little peices all over the place. Heath did however, die. Yes sad, but true. He meets Zoey at the end of Tempted when they are both in Nyx's realm. In Burned, he does something that is seriously awesome of him. No more details. I do not know if Awakened will be in any certain person's POV. I think it will be like it is in Tempted, and Burned: Taking many different peoples POV. Which in my case, I actually Loved, because your not just getting ones full thoughts and emotions, but many. Everyone should read Burned! It was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! The Casts' just keep surprising, and reeling me in with each book.
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Heath and zoey both die in tempted. Erik gets dumped by zoey also in tempted. And stark told zoey he loves her in the book burned when she comes back to life.
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Hey there,
there will be 9 books in the house of night series
but tempted (the 6th book coming out in oct 09) will be the last in zoey's pov!
Hope that helps you out
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Whose point of view does it swich too?
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Do you meen that zoey is not going to be in the 7,8 and the last house of night books?
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Tempted is NOT the last one with zoey's pov ... They ALL have her pov along with everybody else's...
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I thought she already dumped eric and I read the first chapter of burned and it seems to be a good book it picks up from when kalona kills heath...I hated that part

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