What Is Your Personal Grudge Against Characters In 'Twilight In Delhi'?


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The writer has not been successful in hiding his attachment and detachment for some characters and others written with special grudges. Try to feel the underlying hatred or grudge for Begum Shahbaz in some of the extracts

"On the third day of Bakrid he breathed his last. The whole hose was plunged in mourning. But begum Shahbaz didn't give up her breakfast even for one day, and sent for fluffy caked from the bazaar and ate them secretly, although for show she wept and cried.

The character of Begum Shahbaz was a strange mixture of opposites. He had affection for her daughter, no doubt, but she didn't believe in worrying herself too much, she was vain and egoistical. The night was dark and a strange silence as of death lay all around, Masroor dozed off. Begum Shahbaz was afraid lest the Angel of Death should come to her by mistake and she pinched Masroor with her toe."

On the other hand, Mehro is treaded always very gently where as Shams's wife in the same strain of mock and personal grudge.Masroor came out of room, Books under his arm, wearing a dirty sherwani, dirt, oil on the lower part of his Turkish cap, and quietly went out by the door, Mehro. Having finished her ablution, was busy at prayed, Shams's wife came out of the latrine an vanished into bathroom."

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