Who Is Your Favorite Character From The Twilight Series?


10 Answers

Emily-Claire Unknown Profile
Edward-he is soo fit! Or Alice because she is really sweet and caring.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
EDWARD!!!! I LOVE Edward Cullen!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Edward is my favorite character in this show
Charice Miller Profile
Charice Miller answered
You gotta love Alice, she's just so sweet. Oh, and of course Jacob!!
bndf kjbv Profile
bndf kjbv answered
My favorite character from the Twilight series or saga is either Edward or Alice. Edward because he is a really interesting character and Alice because she reminds me of well, me.
bella lewis Profile
bella lewis answered
I love bella! Although i love the rest of the characters just as much and rosalie she is an amazing person  :D

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