What Are The Different Parts Of Library W/ Their Definitions?


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Libraries can be split into a number of parts depending on what the main use of the library is. For example, a university library will hold different reading material than a public library. However, the majority of libraries are divided into fiction and non-fiction sections with perhaps a couple of smaller sections dedicated to audio books for example. In addition, larger libraries will have a section for magazines, newspapers and journals.

  • Fiction is a term that refers to books and stories that derive from imagination and are not based on true events. Fiction books create characters and plots that do not have to necessarily reflect real life. Those types of stories tend to be referred to as fairy tales or fantasy. In a public library, the overall fiction area may be broken down into a number of sections such as adult fiction, teen fiction or children's fiction. Also, they will probably be divided even more by displaying the various genres such as romance, fantasy, horror and so on.
  • Non-fiction books are writing materials that are based on information, real life and facts. This will be displayed as a whole different section in a public library. Again, they will break the non-fiction section down into categories such as autobiographies, self-help, cooking, and travel etc.
Specialist Libraries
  • Certain libraries are used for a specific purpose such as university libraries. They will contain textbooks, reports and journals which will be divided up into categories. For example, you may have a languages section or law and politics. Furthermore, specific libraries for institutes such as hospitals will have sections for medical research papers and journals.
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The different parts of a library are filipiniana ,circulation,vertical files ,home reading, reference, sorry

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