What Are The Parts Of The Library And Its Meaning?


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The parts of a library include the area where the books are displayed, the reading area, the front and check-out desks, and office of the librarian. In other modern libraries, they also have a computer room where visitors can surf the web free of charge and a viewing room where people can view films and the like.

• Display area

This part of the library houses all the books. It refers to the sections found in the library from references to periodicals. It is composed of several shelves where books are displayed according the category which they belong.

• Reading area

Libraries have specific reading areas where visitors can read. This is the part of the library where you can find tables and chairs where you can comfortably read books, magazines, newspapers, and the like.

• Front desk

When you enter the library, you have to sign your name in the logbook found at the front desk. This is also where you can ask information about the references you're looking for. You can inquire about the latest books or the availability of reading materials you're looking for.

• Check-out desk

Once you want to borrow books from the library, you have to pass by the check-out desk. This is the part where you present the books you want to borrow together with your library card.

• Librarian's office

Another part of the library is the librarian's office. This is where the librarian reports and receives visitors. This is also where the library keeps important records and documents.

The library has many parts but regardless where you are, you must observe proper library etiquettes. Always keep silent and avoid making unnecessary noise so as not to disturb others. In addition, make sure to return books in their proper places and use them with utmost care. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ask the librarian and other people working in the library.

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