What Are The Parts Of The Library And Its Functions?


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There are a number of parts of a library and the facilities that are available within one will depend on the library itself. This could be determent on whether it is a library that specifies in a certain topic, if it is available for public use or academic use. In a modern library some of the most common parts you would expect to find are books, computer resources, a help desk and a study room.

• Books - a library would not really be a library without books. Depending on the size of the library there can be any number of hundreds or thousands of books. Most public libraries will focus on keeping a wide variety of genres in stock while academic libraries will ensure that their focus is on the subjects available at the university. Some libraries will also offer a service where individuals can request books that may not be in stock at their local library to be borrowed and sent over by another one in the country.
• Computer resources - the popularity of using technology for research has meant that libraries need to keep up to date in order to stay popular. Many libraries will have computers available for members to use for academic research, personal use or both. Typically these are available for a limited amount of time to ensure that they are used fairly. University libraries will normally have a range of e-resources on their computer systems for students to use. These may include academic journals, online databases or certain software that would be expensive for students to own.
• Help desks - librarians will be available at any time that the library is open to help individuals with any queries. They will be able to help locate books within the library or give advice about any of the library's resources. Sometimes they will also be able to give recommendations about books to borrow if they are knowledgeable in that area.
• Study rooms - although individuals are encouraged to stay silent in libraries it is almost impossible to keep the whole building perfectly quiet. Some libraries, particularly university ones, will offer a silent study room that gives people the chance to work in a very quiet environment where they will not be disturbed by noise in the main library.
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