What Are Different Section In Library?


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Libraries are generally divided into two main sections that also have many individual sub categories within them:
- Fiction
- Non-fiction

Libraries generally categorise their written materials differently, depending upon the readership of the library. For example, a public library would categorise their material differently to a library found at a school or university. They would also have a different focus, in the sense that a university or school library would have a larger and more distinctively categorized non-fiction section compared to a public library that would gain more business from their collection of fiction materials. They often have different sections in librarires for reference books, audio books, newspapers and other miscellaneous media.

Many libraries now subdivide their sections by genre, theme or topic. This applies to both non-fiction and fiction. For example, within the fiction section of a library, there would be many sub divisions such as horror, romance, crime, thriller, etc and the non-fiction section would have sub divisions such as film and literature, history, music, science and technology, health and sport, etc.

Many libraries now include other forms of media in separate rooms. It is common for libraries to include DVD and video collections with viewing rooms, computer rooms, audio media such as cds and tape cassettes with facilities to listen to the media onsite, etc.

The way in which different sections are organized in a library isn't standardized in any way, however most libraries do follow a similar approach. Some libraries use a method of sectioning different media called the living room approach, where only some of the media is subdivided and includes comfortable lounges and study tables etc.

Some libraries have a very restricted collection of materials and so are subdivided in a more particular way. For example, a library at a hospital would include media about health and medicine. This would mean the materials would be divided into sections that are more direct in focus, rather than a broader collection within one subdivision.
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The different section of the library are Circulation Desk,and Periodical's section.I hope I help you!!!!!
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individual sub categories within them:

- Fiction

- Non-fiction

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