What's The Difference Between A Library And A Bookstore?


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A library is a place where you can borrow books, and a bookstore (or bookshop) is a place where you can buy them.

Library books have usually been read by many people, whereas if you go to a bookstore, you can buy copies that are still brand new. You don't want to dismiss the stores that sell used books either, though - as although they're old, these books tend to be very reasonably priced.

How Do I Get Books From A Library?
  • If you go to your local library and ask to join, you'll be given some forms to fill out. You should then be issued a library card, and can use this to borrow books.
  • Books tend to be organized either by genre or alphabetically - or even alphabetically within genres. If you can't find a book, you can always ask a member of staff for help.
  • When you find the books that you want to borrow, take them up to the desk and show the librarian your card. He or she will then scan the books onto your card and give them to you.
  • Usually, you'll have around a month to read and return the books, but this depends on the title of the book and your library's rules.
  • Remember to return the books on time - you could receive a small fine if you don't. Some libraries will let you renew books online, which can be particularly useful if you can't return them on time, or if you still haven't finished them all.

How Do I Get Books From A Bookstore?
  • Bookstores aren't usually set out quite as logically as libraries - instead, they tend to place the newest and most popular books in plain sight, with the rest of the books organized alphabetically within genres. The best-selling or 'popular' books are often on display in seemingly obscure places within this system, though, as they're making the most money for the shop.
  • Once you've found the book you're looking for (again, ask a member of staff if you can't find the one you want) take it to the counter and the cashier will sell it to you.
  • It's worth noting that bookstores can be very expensive. Amazon often sells books cheaper - especially in Kindle format.

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