How Do I Thread A Singer Model 6217c?


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If you are looking to thread your Singer sewing machine, you could firstly look to the instruction manual that is provided in the box with your machine. This will tell you exactly how to thread your specific model of Singer sewing machine using easy to follow steps. If you find that you have misplaced the instruction manual that came with your Singer sewing machine, you can follow these steps instead:

• Before you begin threading your Singer sewing machine, you should always turn the power off to ensure that you don't accidentally sew your fingers together by pressing on the pedal.
• Raise both the needle and the presser foot. If you are looking to horizontally thread your spool, place your spool on the spool pin and then slide the cap of the slide spool over the rim of the spool to prevent tangling the thread.
• Alternatively, if you wish to vertically thread your cotton, raise the cap on the spool and place both felt and thread onto the spool cap.
• For both horizontal and vertical threading, then lead your cotton or thread through the lower slot of the underside of the thread guide. Then push it through the upper slot, leading it over and towards the right. Pull through to the thread guide.
• Do the same with the second thread guide, leading it under and towards the right. Snap both threads into the upper thread guide and continue by leading the joined thread down to the tension mechanism, lightly holding the spool whilst dropping the thread into tension discs.
• Follow the arrows to guide into threading channel, then thread through lever eye, allowing 6-8 inches of thread to pull through the needle. Finish by threading your needle from front to the back.

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