How Do I Thread A Singer Model 2210 Micro Computer? Any Website With Free Manuals Or Instructions?


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It is pretty basic, I have had mine for years. Purchased it new back in the 80's. Place the thread on the thread spool holder, pull the thread to the left and run the thread through the top thread guide. Bring the thread down into the thread take up slot making sure to keep it to the right side of the thread take up slot, then bring the thread up the left side of the thread take up slot, pass the thread through the thread take up arm, then bring it down towards the needle, pass the thread into the thread guide  that is located to the left of the needle screw,  then thread the needle. The threading is basically the same as the current singer machines, still love my old machine I have purchased 2 new machines in the past year and still will not part with my 2210.

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