Where Can I Download A Free Singer Stylist 514 Manual?


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Tim Cook answered

If you've lost the manual for your Singer Stylist 514, there's quite a few online sites offering help, both repositories for appliance manuals, and sewing machine communities. 

Try first, as they have the manual for the 514 model available to read from the screen, and as a download.

Remember that several models of the Singer Stylist (518, 538, 514, 513, 533) are covered by the same manual. With this in mind, try, which lists the 513 as a downloadable PDF.

If you've no luck with the manual libraries, try joining one of the many online sewing forums, such as, or 

The site specializes in selling parts and manuals for older singer products, so they may stock what you are looking for.

Finally, contact Singer themselves here to check if they still hold a copy of the manual for the Stylist 514.

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First of all you can easily download this manual from the internet without any interruption because nowadays many software website with instruction manuals etc exist.

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