I Need A Manual For A Singer Model 1120. Do You Know Where I Can Get One?


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Find the manual for the Singer 1120 sewing machine here on the Singer website.

Always refer to the website for the machine or gadget you have, because they are bound to have something related to what you need. Especially in this day and age when the first thing we all do is log on to the internet to find out what we want.

Singer's website also has some cool projects that you can try out, and it doesn't matter if you are new to sewing or an expert because you can choose your expertise and find something there for you. 

The support section can also help you ask specific questions and queries about your machine, but also check out Pattern Review and The Sewing Forum for a community of people sewing.

Take a few minutes to look at Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog which is posts on finding old Singer sewing machine, fixing them up and using them as if they're as good as you.

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