How Do You Use The Singer Sewing Machine?


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If you own a Singer sewing machine, the best place to look for help is your instructions manual. This will explain in clear terms how to use your model of machine. If you do not have the instruction manual, you could call the company to see if you could get a copy. Many sewing machines are sold second-hand, and the instructions manual can get lost; therefore it is a common problem.

Another option is to look on the Singer Sewing Machine website at You can contact customer support with questions about your model. You could also try online sewing forums. Someone else may have your model of sewing machine and may be able to help. Local sewing workshops and classes are another way to find out about the operation of your machine. The knowledge of fellow sewers could help you how to understand how to operate your machine.
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I have this machine singer 8763 which is electronic  ,,,if I want to use different stitches do I have to use different presser foot

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