Does Anyone Know Anything About The 31-15 Singer Sewing Machine?


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I was a sewing machine mech for 20 years on industrial sewing machines like the 31-15. You really need to know how to thread the machind correctly and put a new needle in also. You need a manual. If the machine is broken then you need a mechanic to fix it. You can not do it yourself. There are 2 different 31-15 sewing machines,one looks like a house machine and the other is industrial heavy duty. Upholstery shops use to like the 31 15 machines because they take a beating. But to fix it yourself will just make you frustrated. Not too many sewing machine mech out there that know what they are doing.
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I have an industrial one from 1944, originally treadle but converted to electric, Im having problems with the tensions not matching up,can you help? I also am a sewing machine tech and i use industrial singers and durkopp adlers at work,the singers i use at work though simular are a new different model, i have no problem with the tensions on them! I dont think its the bobbin tension, ive had 2 differnt cases in and adjusted the tensions on both, its basically making spider webs underneath.

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