Do You Know Poems Dedicated To Daughter?


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From times well passed but not without the enduring sense of lost which accompanys the untimely death of a young child. A goodly number of the 17th century English poets, lived in times that experienced a relatively short life span, worstened by the fact of the very high instances of childhood deaths. Here is a sampling of fathers which had offspring preceded them, well in advance of the opportunity to mature and establish a life. The depth of their lost, lingers through the anguish, and is testament to how entwined the child's life became into the inner workings of that home. Grief personified.

The sad list is as follows;

"She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways"
"Three Years She Grew"
"A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal" (though not his own daughter)
William Woodsworth

"Upon a Child that Died"
Robert Herrick

"Upon Julia's Clothes" (another's daughter and then a wife)
Ben Jonson

"On My First Daughter"
John Donne

Understand the bond which was broken and the loss.
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My oldest daughter has brain cancer and my 9 year old daughter shaved her hair all off so her sister wouldn't be bald by herself and we are going to honor her for this at her last assembly of the school year and I need a poem to honor this event.
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I need some help I am trying to find a poem about a fathers love for his daughter she just passed away on sunday fathers day please help if you can

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