Mothers Day Poems For Sisters And To Mothers, You Know?


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If you go to you will find poems about both mothers and sisters. I just tested this and if you right click on one poem it is possible to  print it, or press copy and put it into a Word document.
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Mom you are everything,
you are my first words,
you are my god,
if I do anything wrong,
you are there to,
correct me,
and when I cry,
my Mom makes me,
the care that you give,
me when I was young,
even now you ,
care for me as a flower,

By aswin
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No one knows a mom like I do unless she is your mom then you can appreciate her like I do
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obviously popular
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This one

mothers are always turning there daughters into women
but once they are grown
they turn them back into a child

no that good but ok
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Roses are red ,
Violets are blue,
even though we fight,
I still love you!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm so glad I have a mother,
as nice as you!
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I think you should make one up yourself cause then it will be from the <3 (heart!)
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The words I share
Can't tell you how dear
You are in my heart,
From here to there..

Your my Friend,
You're my sister.
Your my hope
Next to father

When my world is a turning
And I don't know where to spin
And the grief in my heart
sound like fishermen's din
I remember that ambrace
that rests my head on you chin

So tonight when I lie
and in though
I will cry
Thank you Lord
for you made me
a "keep sweet" so neat
another of you tithes
My Mother nature's treat

The carnations I picked from our neighbour's garden
rests right there on the kitchen...Oh my gosh pardon
I forgot to put them in your favourite vase
The one I gave you last year...
While this year' is caught in the recession
and I'm waiting for my share of the stimulus package.
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I really love my mum,
she gives me beer and rum.
We drink all day,
and them I finally say,
"what were doing is kinda dumb."

ok that WAS a dumb poem. Its just a joke but I find it pretty amusing.

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