What Is A Poem About My Daughter Having A Baby Or A Letter From Mother To Daughter Having A Baby?


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Dear Daughter,

As you prepare to have your first child, there are so many things I want to tell you. I know I promised I wouldn't be one of those invasive grandmothers, picking out everything for the nursery and questioning everything your doctor says and doubting every choice you make. I raised you to be smart and independent, and there's no reason for that to stop now. But this is a special time for me, too, so indulge me a little.
First, a little advice, and only a little because I know you'll get it from all corners, even perfect strangers. Try to enjoy all of this. Imprint all of it on your brain and heart, even the parts that are painful or scary or disgusting. They're all part of a larger story that you might get to experience only this once.

I know you want to read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth, and that's great. I was a big fan of the "What to Expect” books myself. You should get in all that reading now, at least for up through the baby's first month or so, because once he or she arrives, you might not have the time or energy.

What do you do with all that reading? Take it as useful information from people who have been there before, but be prepared to chuck it out the window. You and your husband might find yourselves doing things no one would recommend, like changing your baby on the floor all the time. Well, as long as there's something clean underneath, go right ahead. Your top priority is keeping your child safe and (relatively) clean. Past that, I believe happy and well rested parents make happier babies. People who don't like how your house looks for a while can pick up a dish rag or stay home.

Being pregnant is a precious time. It's like carrying a friend around with you all the time. I was so happy when I finally got to meet you, and I am so happy for you now that you can share this experience.



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