How Do I Compose A Letter Of Introduction To A New Client?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Making new clients is a very difficult task, you can imagine that they are already busy enough without bothering with someone they do not see as essential to them at the present time.

Make sure you find out the name of the person you should be writing to, don't just write Dear Head of Marketing, that will get binned most probably.

Make sure it is well formatted, and grammatically correct with no spelling errors, don't forget to add your address and the date.

Begin with an introductory paragraph, explain who you are, what you do and why you are contacting them in a brief snappy but not cheesy intro.

Explain briefly what you currently do and what you have to offer in the belly of your letter.

Add that you have added your CV or samples of your work (and do so, with a coloured paper clip if possible).

Say you would like to meet up if possible to discuss any possibilities and give your email address and your telephone number.

Put it in an A4 or C4 envelope with the right postage on it!

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