How Do I Compose A Letter To Introduce A New Service That I'm Offering?


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I assume this is a personal, small scale kind of business.
Pretend that you are talking to your neighbor and you can't wait to tell him about the new service you have just started. You will tell him what it is, how much it will benefit him; what is so different yours is compared to what is out there on the market; and how cost-effective it is to the client. Put all that down on paper, then work on the wording. Let your enthusiam come through without making extravagant claims and promises. Be truthful--no one expects freebies, just honest work for the money. Avoid using old official-sounding form letters. Let your letter speak to a person; let it connect with him. That's all.
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This is actually a bigger scale business, than just personal or small, but thanks some much anyway. I think I can still apply the same principles for a bigger scale business.
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Well, in that case, congratulations. I wish you great success.

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