Can You Give Me An Example Of A Letter Introducing A Product?


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Since you did not specify, I imagine your letter would be aimed at the general public. I do not know what your product is therefore, I will make one up. Such a letter could be written in many formats, I will use an informal style as an example.

(Picture of the product)


I want to introduce you to the newest candy bar on the market. Do you have daily aches and pains? Do get tired easily? Are you fed up with the endless diets, which never work? Do you feel stressed out at the end of the day? If, your answers are yes, then I have found the solution for you.

I am so excited over this product, I just have to tell everyone about it! I went to a seminar last week and to my delight the best candy bar to cross my lips, was among the snacks for the coffee break. This candy bar is phenomenal and when you take your first bite, I know you will agree with me.

A chocolate covered bar of energy, full of vitamins and minerals to fight stress and fatigue, control weight and ease those aches and pains. It chocolate with O carbs and only 13 calories. The effects of one bar will last for up to twelve hours.

So, join me today and jump back on the chocolate candy wagon without fear. Get yours today at your local grocery store.

Just look for Chocolate Loves You, the latest candy bar on the market made by, We Only Do Chocolate, for $.75. At that price you can purchase a handful and share with friends. They will never forget you!


A Satisfied Chocolate Lover
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Pretext of introducing a service.
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 can you give me an example of a letter introducing clothing and shoe company?

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