Can You Give Me A Example Of Application Letter Related To Hotel And Restaurant Management?


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Writing a letter of application for a hotel and restaurant management job is just like writing a letter for any other job, the difference is that you will want to highlight any and all experience you have in the industry and any education or traits that would help you to be successful in one of these fast moving and challenging positions.

If you're looking for a professional position in the hotel and restaurant management business one of the first things you should mention in your cover letter that goes along with your application is any experience you'd had in the industry, no matter how trivial. Most people when they were young worked in the fast food industry and it is a prime learning ground for dealing with co-workers and customers, and talent in dealing with people internal and external to an organization is something that is required at every level of management. 

There are several universities throughout the world that offer bachelors and masters degrees in hotel and restaurant management. People who earn this degree will have the background in accounting, finance, logistics, and many other disciplines needed to successfully run a hotel and restaurant in these tough economic times. If you have such a degree, it should be prominent on your application and on your cover letter.

Most people in this business today took the old fashioned route and worked their way up over the years through the ranks to a management position. If you can demonstrate in your application letter that you have moved up to higher roles and accepted more responsibility in your job history, chances are good that you'll get a shot somewhere to manage. But there's nothing like a combination of education and experience to get your foot in the door quickly at almost any establishment.
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All application letters should follow the same rules. The main thing is to start with the title or number of the job you are applying for; to state clearly why you are the right person for the job (experience, training, character) and to provide any information that is required, such as a CV. You can find some very good application guidelines here.
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There is a plenty of decent examples at some specialized services like Supreme Essays and others, which are also useful due to the fact that they have great sets of rules of writing various letter types.

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