What Is A Blurb?


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A blurb is a short summary which is placed on the back of a DVD, video or a book etc, and usually contains praise for the item. For example, the blurb on the back of a book usually contains a brief summary of the book along with praise for the story and also the author.

There may also be reviews praising the book, along with quotes from the book and praise from fans. If there have been previous books in a series, then the blurb will usually contain praise for the previous books.

DVDs usually have a summary of the film along with praise from movie critics. Blurbs can also be placed on the inside cover of a book, or on the first couple of pages before the first chapter of the story.
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The back of a DVD or book... I short paragraph to give you a quick EXCITING grab and attention to continue to read on or buy on :)

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