What Is A Synopsis?


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A synopsis is basically a summary of what happens in a novel, film etc. Authors write synopsis when they send out samples of their manuscripts to agents and publishers. The synopsis will usually contain information about what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Authors usually write a synopsis in order to persuade the agent or publisher to consider the novel. However, the synopsis does not contain comments to praise the novel (this is more the purpose of a blurb), but instead contains information on plot twists and other events in the novel. The synopsis is usually written in a way that will capture the interest of a publisher or agent.

Publishers and agents usually request a one-page synopsis, meaning that it can be difficult for the author to sum up the novel in such a limited space. However, there are some publishers and agents that allow authors to produce a longer synopsis.
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Synopsis is basically an abstract or a summary of the report or a piece of work. It is a brief statement or paragraph which gives a general view of a subject. There is only one synopsis of any novel or report etc. It is usually written by giving what the work is all about in a few lines.
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A summary; a brief statement, less than the whole.
A synopsis is a condensation of something—for example, a synopsis of a trial record.

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