How Do You Start And Finish A Letter?


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A letter should have the recipient's address and the date on the right-hand side.

In a formal letter, if you don't know the person's name you should start "Dear Sir or Madam" and finish "Yours faithfully". If you know the surname it's "Dear Mr Brown" or "Dear Ms Brown" (some people still make a distinction between Miss and Mrs, but it's going out of date.) The traditional ending here is "Yours sincerely" and this is still much in use, especially by speakers of English as a second or business language. However, among native speakers it's often replaced by "Kind regards." When you know Mr or Ms Brown better, you might put "Best regards" instead. All this (except for the address) can also apply to email, although most emails are informal.

For informal letters there are fewer rules, though it's still usual to start with "Dear" ("Dear Jim") and to use a closing phrase such as "Best regards," "Yours" or (in some cases "Love.")
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You start a letter with

  Number and road/street
  12th February 1999
  Dear Sir or Madam,
  I am writing to tell you that...

And ending its either, Your Sincerely or Yours Faithfully depending on who you are writing to
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Its yours faithfully if you do not know the person but yours sincerely if you do
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Start with your address and then end with name.
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Start with a date and address and end with thanking you.
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