Which Is The Latest Book Released By Danielle Steel?


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Lakshmipriya Nair Profile
          Danielle Steel is one of the best selling authors in United States and around the world. She derived inspiration for her books and novels from personal experiences. She has written 93 books in all i.e. 75 novels, 14 children's books. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print and most of them are best sellers. Thus she is a very prolific writer and churns our several books in a year. She has published more books than many other authors today. Her latest offering is titled as Sisters.              It is the story of four sisters bred in Connecticut. It deals with the individual lives and careers of these sisters. All of them pursue their own dreams and life but never fail to meet together at their parent's place on July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in an accident their mother dies and one of the sisters Annie turns blind. Then Sabrina, another sister come up with the idea of staying together to deal with the tragedy and help out their sister. But all of them also face their own problems. Thus the plot revolves their efforts and struggles of their life.

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