What Is Robin Cook's Latest Book?


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The latest book by the number one New York Times best-selling authors is called 'critical'. The book has recently released in the year 2007 and there is no information as such about it on the internet. This is robin cook's 27th novel and is another one of his medical drama thrillers.

The basic story of the book is about a doctor called Angela Dawson who goes to a business school and earns a MBA because she wants to open hospitals in her city. She succeeds in her task and opens three hospitals in three major cities. Then she realizes that patients are dying in her hospital due to a certain unknown disease. The book is basically about the struggle in getting to know what that disease was and how she got out of a critical situation like that.
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The latest robin cook's medical thrillers is "foreign body".

It is basically about the mysterious deaths of American medical tourists happening in Indian hospitals.
Four Americans fly to India to decipher the mystery and is sure a good read.
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Sorry as there has been an another medical thriller involving two characters from the already mentioned book.

Th book is "Intervention" and is also a good read.

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