Can You Suggest Some Good Books On The Holocaust?


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Obviously, one of the best personal accounts of the persecution of the Jews is the diary of Anne Frank (pronounced Anna Frank).

Primo Levi, the Italian Jewish writer wrote some immensely moving and helpful books on his experience of being a Prisoner in the concentration camps. This can be found amongst others in his book The Drowned and the Saved, If this is a Man and Survival in Auschwitz. His tragic suicide left the world without one more living reminder of the terrible things that mankind does to each other.

Haas's book The Aftermath, Living with the Holocaust is a great way of understanding what it was like for survivors and survivors families trying to copy with the loss, the pain and the guilt of surviving.

Dutch writer Corrie Ten Boom's book The Hiding Place, a little like Anne Frank's Diary is a description of hiding Jews in war-time Holland.
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If any of you want to read the authentic and shocking book I suggest:
Halina Birenbaum. Hope is the Last to Die
You can found it for exapmle in bookstore located at This bookstore also has many other interesting books on the Holocaust.
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NIGHT by Elie Weisel is a harrowing first-person account.

MAUS by Art Spiegleman is a two-volume graphic novel (yes, a comic book) about the son of two Holocaust survivors trying to come to terms with his relationship with his difficult father. The Jews are mice, the Nazis are cats, the British are dogs, etc. An amazing piece of work.

It's not a book, but you might want to track down a song called "Untitled" by Peter Himmelman. It's a first-person account of Himmelman (who is Jewish) taking a taxi driven by a bigoted driver. It ends with Himmelman going to visit a man in a nursing home "with a number on his arm." Powerful, powerful song.
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Number the Stars by Louis LowryThe Diary of Anne FrankAnne Frank and The Children of the Holocaust (WARNING: Graphic and can be disturbing)WitnessHannah's Suitcase

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