How Do You End A Formal Letter To A Diplomat?


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Best regards or your excellency works also.
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I hope that this letter has been useful and worthy for you.

Kind Regards/Yours Sincerely,
(your name)
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You may end a formal letter to a diplomat by signing off as "respectfully yours," or you may simply end with the word "sincerely." The former version is slightly more formal and if you are writing to a high-ranking diplomat, such as an ambassador, it may be more appropriate. When writing formal letters, you should avoid all closings that are usually applied when writing more affectionate letters to family, friends or peers, such as "yours truly."

Whichever closing you decide to use, it should generally be followed by a comma and then, on a separate line, by your name and signature. It is best to leave two spaces between the closing and your name so that you are able to sign your name by hand. When writing a formal letter to a diplomat, it is a very good idea to include your title and position at the bottom of the letter. This means that if you are the president or vice-president of an organization, be sure to include this under your name, along with the precise name of your company.

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