What Are The Seating Arrangements In Hamilton Town House Auditorium?


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Hamilton Town House is on 102 Cadzow Street in Hamilton, but the theatre entrance is on Lower Auchingramont Road.
The seating is sold in two brackets : premium and standard.
The seating sections are Front Stalls, Rear Stalls, Gallery Rear, Gallery Left, Gallery Right and Circle.
The Stalls Rear and Gallery Rear are sold as premium seating as they have an unrestricted forward facing view of the stage. The rest is sold as standard seating. This means it can have either restriced leg room or a restricted view of the stage.
The Front and Rear Stalls are on the ground floor
The Gallery seating is on the first floor
The Circel seating is on the second floor. (Please note that this is different to a normal theatre setup!)
Sometimes the Stalls Front are removed to allow an orchestra (for example) to set up on the floor. In this case the seating on the ground floor would start from stalls rear.

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