What Caused The Theatre Companies Close Down Between 1593 And 1594?


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Hello Biel 2506.
  The theatres closed, because of a corporate order from the Mayor and aldermen of London, for the safety of the public in the time of pestilence, eg, Bubonic Plague.
  Along with its big brother, Pneumonic Plague, it swept through large metropolitan states, such as London, every two or three years. (it once devastated Rome for fifty years!),
  Nobody knew then how to control it, medicine being a farce, and not understood to the degree it is today.
  Therefore, the plague flourished. Now, it has been identified as the E-coli virus.
    Nobody was immune. After the theatres were closed, the actors would go 'on tour' to promote their shows and advertise their wares, however, it was only a device to get as far away from London as they could until the pestilence abated.
    You were an 'old man' in London if you were over 30!
    Shakespeare's only son, Hamnet, died of the plague when he was 11. He was in Stratford at the time.
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The closed because of The Black Plague, or the Bubonic Plague, which was killing everyone in Europe. It ending up killing about 50% of the population, and was devastating. The theatres closed because people knew that if there public gatherings, there would be disease spreading.
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The Black Plague
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This is because of this horible thing called the black plague or as they call it the plague. Everyone left theatre for a yr!
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The black death

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