What Is A Production Concept In Theatre?


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A production concept is an idea for how to produce a certain thing. A production concept in theater is the way that a particular artist, or director, or theater group, plans to perform a production. It is their interpretation and their choice of show, and their creativity comes through in the performance.

Some may choose to be traditional and adhere to the original style, whilst others may prefer to adapt and alter the show. It depends on the personality of the individual in charge, or the nature of the group involved. Are they old and well established? Or are they new and seeking to gain notoriety?

The most common production concept is that of modernizing an old story. The most visited pieces are Shakespearean works. Most famously revamped was 'Romeo and Juliet' in film. This isn't theater, but the principles are the same - you're taking an old text based on issues at that time and adjusting the settings to reflect the here and now. There were no cars so you add cars. Fashions change so the characters dress differently. Sexuality is less criticized so characters are less strictly masculine males and effeminate females. Subtle changes yes, but ultimately decisive.

  • What is Theater?
Theater is described as a fine art performance. It is a collaborative event and performed on stage. It uses language, body language (i.e. Gestures), song, dance and action to display reality or fantasy in a dramatic visual manner; to entertain.

The word 'theater' is derived from the Ancient Greek 'theatron', meaning 'a place for viewing' and 'theaomai'; a place you'd go to see, to watch or to observe.

Are there other production concepts? Yes. Other concepts are similar to theater's, in as much as they are the ideas and mental impressions of how to produce certain things. This could be an event, similarly like theater is an event, or one that's not a performance, or it could be in the production of something manufactured.

The alternative production concept is that in marketing, which concerns a concept with regards to production and manufacturing. It says that consumers prefer products that are widely available and inexpensive.
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The single unified idea around which the production will be presented.
I.e. Cage Play

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