How Do I Write A Sample Renounce Letter?


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When you write any letter there is a particular format that you should follow. This can change slightly depending on personal preference, but fundamentally there are certain things that should be included and it should be written in a particular way.

  • Setting out your letter

Make sure that you include your address; if you don't have headed notepaper, write this on the top right of the page, with the date (written in full) underneath it. You should also include any references so your letter is easy to trace.

Leave a line and then write the name of the person that you are writing to (if you know it) on the left, as well as their address.

Leave a line and then write your salutation: Either 'Dear and whatever the person's name is', or 'Dear Sir/Madam'.

Leave a line and then start your letter.

  • Letter contents

To make your letter easy to understand keep to the point and don't ramble. If you are not used to writing letters it is a good idea to make a plan first. Write down all of the points that you want to make and then number them in order of priority.

When you actually write the letter, make sure that you keep just one point to each paragraph and that they flow from one to the next.

  • Language

Keep the language that you use in your letter formal so that it is easily understood, and make sure that you spell words correctly, even if it means that you have to take the time to check them. A sloppily written letter is not going to get a good response because the attitude will be, if you don't care enough about it, why should the recipient?

  • Finishing your letter

End your letter with either Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully. Use sincerely if you began the letter with the person's name, and faithfully if you started with Dear Sir/Madam. So not capitalize the sincerely or faithfully.

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