Why Are Builders Afraid To Have A Thirteenth Floor But Book Publishers Aren't Afraid To Have A Chapter 11?


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Well, it's a sac-religious omen that they live by!
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Because builders are afraid that they would fall from the the 12th floor, or that they would devastate all what they built. But book publishers can't be afraid of having a 11th chapter for they don't want to get out of the "Writing World"! That's my opinion!
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Triskaidekaphobia appears to be unique to the USA, except in Hawaii, where I lived from 1981-92.

The way you can tell a Japanese-constructed building from an American-constructed building in Hawaii, is the fact that the Japanese-constructed ones have a 13th floor, because the Japanese have no fear of the number 13.

If a building doesn't have a floor numbered "13," and you are on the 14th floor of that building, you are still 13 floors above the ground, anyway, numbering schemes notwithstanding.

Americans really shouldn't fear the number 13, because every human being who lives to age 14, was 13 for an entire year, and America was founded with 13 original colonies/states, and the American flag has 13 stripes.  Also, if you examine the official seal of the USA, the eagle is clutching 13 arrows in one foot and an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 olives in the other.

But, there is Apollo 13, isn't there?  Oh well...

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Welll, the 13th floor is usually reserved for the maintenance floor to access the elevators/wiring and a/c sort of a sub  station if you will. The chapter eleven is just a easy way to start over and still get paid by the government.in other words they will help them start over again because of possible jobs produced by them publishing a book. Now i know you wanted this to be a joke/funny but i don't feel funny right now. : )
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Yep, Appllo 13. Great flic too.  We will be returning to the moon providing we survive past 2012 that is.

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