I Want To Design My Own Book Cover For My Book, Which I Am Hoping To Self-publish. Any Tips On How To Design The Cover?


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Louise Gorman answered
You might want to take a look around at existing book covers to get an idea of what is being used at the moment. It depends on the type of book you have written. If it is a children's book, then you might want to think about creating something illustrative for the cover. If you are skilled a drawing, then you won't have any problems. If you think you might struggle, then you could always look around for an illustrator to design it for you.

If it is a romance novel or another type of book aimed at adults, then photos usually work well. Try to take a good quality photo of something that is relevant to your novel. It could be a sunset or a countryside scene, for example. When you have taken the photo, you can play around with it using PhotoShop and edit parts of the photo or cut out a section of the photo for your cover. You will need to add your text, so a design program such as PhotoShop or InDesign will most definitely be needed.
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If you're looking for an illustrator then is the place to find one. They have a wide range of illustrators that can illustrate bespoke drawings to meet your brief. They're used at Hallmark Cards a great deal and produce a lot of bespoke one offs for design agencies and publishers alike.

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