What Does Theatre Mean To You?


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As far as I am concerned, theatre has a very profound effect on me. When I watch the characters on the stage, sometimes I feel like they are alter ego to me; they express some of the emotions that I always wanted to express but never been able to do it. The reason could be anything; whether it is fear of facing the world or just some inhibitions.

Usually when a good play starts, the story line has its background in the real settings but as it progresses, it takes itself to some other cosmic world that exists in our mind and it is this aspect of a theatre that makes us view things at a completely different level. They introduce us to a world where we always wanted to be and make a profound impact on the audience.
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That is soo true! For me, I never had a chance to express myself either. Well, where I am from, we were not offered opportunities to act in plays, so I want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of acting in college and go beyond that! Theatre is a place where I can express myself through acting. To me, it won't be hard because it is something I always wanted to do. Things are hard to those who are not interested and just don't agree with them! I love theatre!

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