What Did They Eat In Shakespeare's Time?


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Well, Shakespear was in Europe, so they ate lamb, cows, chicken, pigs, much of what we eat today.  A lot of stews as they were easy to prepare and made food stretch a long way.  That is why you see so many couldrens, big huge iron cast pots were they threw in chopped meat and vegetables and boiled. The food was simpler as cooking was done in either wood stoves or over an open fire, or fireplace.  Of course they ate bread, bread is as old as mankind.  A lot of what you would call comfort food today
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Meat nd veg is what they ate but why did all of them hate

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Animals, such as sheep, cows and oxen, were far too valuable to eat! Sheep gave you the fleece, which would warm you in Winter. Cows gave you manure, which fed the land and encouraged growth, and oxen gave you strength, the strength to pull the useless plough! Everybody therefore ate birds, swine, venison and fish.

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